How to Sew Christmas Stockings

I recently made my family’s first Christmas stockings, and I thought I’d go through a step by step tutorial, to show you how I sewed our sweater stockings. It’s my baby girl’s first Christmas this year, and I wanted to have her first ever stocking hanging by the tree before Christmas day. Somehow amidst the sleepless nights we’ve been having, I managed to finish all three of our stockings just in the nick of time.

Here’s how I did it!

Things you’ll need:

Sweaters- (I thrifted ours from our local Goodwill)

Quilting Thread- (this is the kind I used: Quilting Thread)

A paper bag – or you could use this pattern

Pins- I like these pins because they don’t get lost in the thickness of the sweater


Basic Sewing Kit

Sewing Machine- My sister let me borrow hers this one is similar

To Accessorize/Personalize:

Pom Poms, Tassels, Felt (etc) Whatever suits your fancy!

Thick String or Yarn to create your loop to hang your stockings

OK now that we’ve covered what you’ll need to make the stockings, here’s how I made mine, step by step:

First, pin your stocking outline down onto your sweater, you can use an old stocking to trace your new one, or use the pattern above. Pin through only one layer of the sweater. Then, once you’ve got your sweater outline in place, cut your stocking out of your sweater. Repeat the process until you have both the front and back of the stocking, and pin them INSIDE OUT together.

Thread your bobbin, sewing machine and get your seam ripper just in case!

Second, begin sewing your pinned stocking. Start at the very top of your stocking, back stitch a few times to ensure the threading won’t come undone. Continue sewing the rest of the stocking until you reach the top. Back stitch again, take all of your pins out and turn the stocking outside in. Check to make sure the stitching looks secure on the top part of the stocking, where you’ve back stitched on both sides.

Third, sew on your accessories. I used a pom pom garland I found at my local Michaels. I then hand stitched them together with some of my own pom poms I found. Be sure to use the quilting thread as it’s much thicker than normal thread. I combined a few of my favorite pom poms and stitched them onto the stocking. After completing my details, I stitched on my loop for my stockings, in the right corner just inside the stocking.

Fun fact: we use Nutcrackers to display our Christmas stockings just add a hook and ta-da, stocking holders! I love picking different Nutcrackers for each member of the family.

And Waaa La. There you have it, the simplest stocking tutorial known to mankind. If you have any questions please leave a comment below, or contact me! I would love to see a picture of your stocking! Leave me a comment below with your stocking, or any tips you may have when making a stocking.




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