2016 a year in review

2016 was a good year & a trying one, through it I saw the light unfold in my heart & by God’s grace I get to carry a little life. I have seen the Lord redeem some of the hardest of circumstances in my life & through it He has enveloped in me a deeper appreciation for joy. I can see through all of my questions, an escape. He’s always been faithful & that reigns true even amidst the trials.

this past year stripped some of the grief that had swelled my heart from the loss of my dad. i found myself constantly discovering little pieces, things, thoughts, quotes my dad left behind. things i had never seen, read, heard, or tasted before reminded me of him. God revealed bits of His glory through this past year, through the doubt in my heart, through the what if’s, small triumphs, and incidents that came my way.

Wyatt worked harder than anyone I know this past year. he had a vision to create a more financially stable marriage, to give us more experience, more learning opportunity and it blew my heart away with his genuine pursuit after his goals. we were able to purchase our second car together, take a long vacation to Maui, put money away into savings, go to California, donate to families in need, and so much more. God was in the midst of our finances this past year and I am SO grateful.

in August we felt the healing of Jesus during an experience at Bethel Music Worship Nights that took place in Seattle this summer. we had prayers answered and chains broken. we both left more in love with Christ and one another because of it.

in early September we found out we are becoming parents to our sweet girl. I thank God for her already. she is such a gift to our hearts. I already love her so. she has already healed a part of my heart I didn’t know needed healing, until seeing her little heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. in many ways she has proven the odds of my disease, and has already given me back so much of what I felt was stolen from me at a young age. I’ve always dreamt of being her mama, of being a mama at all, and now my heart is so full knowing even God sees the pieces of my heart I had abandoned years ago. he is always pruning the branches of brokenness flawlessly and faithfully.

I resigned my position at the PT office I had worked at for the past two years and I have been adjusting to the idea of becoming my own #girlboss. I have wanted this for the past year and it is finally happening. I can’t wait to see what doors are opened this new year. my hope is to write (to publish).

October brought on the grand opening of Olympia’s 222 market, Wyatt and I had the opportunity to be a small part of that. I had a photo featured in Seattle magazine, and Wyatt designed their website.

November and December brought more joy to our marriage knowing Wyatt is finishing his degree in just two semesters, we are close to having paid one of our cars off, our little girl is healthy and strong, we have two free flights to use for the new year, & we have high hopes for so many things this new year.

a few of my goals for the new year include:

  • visit our grandparents more often.
  • write here at least monthly.
  • get my a1c down to a 6.2 (or better yet 6.0).
  • learn to cook.
  • replace our couch.
  • buy a dinner for a family when we are out sometime.
  • pray over baby girl & her daddy daily.
  • wear the color pink more.
  • take more home videos.
  • establish a morning routine.
  • spend more time with people who help me grow.
  • write down a scripture for the week every Monday to put on the fridge.
  • learn to swaddle a baby.
  • perfect a winged liner technique.
  • kiss sweet little baby cheeks 24/7.
  • work on myself for myself for the sake of my family.
  • become less focused on things and enjoy the now.
  • throw a surprise party for someone I love.
  • tell my siblings more often how proud of them I am.
  • do one thing every day for Wyatt that will bless him (little or big).
  • wash my sheets every week (because cleanliness).
  • meet for coffee more often.
  • love Wyatt deeper.
  • Serve Jesus better.

happy new year to you! here’s to a brand new 2017!




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